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Hello this is Lyrl. I haven't updated the theme in forever. But in any case expect to see FE:A and Digimon related stuff:3

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Long time no post~ Here’s another sketch compilation photoset, mostly with  Hikari.

The top picture’s a background practice I did just now, because I was so bored with myself always drawing heads and people and stuff. Wanted to break out of the cycle a bit by drawing something I don’t usually do. I don’t really know what I was doing so please go easy on me haha.

PS: the reason why I drew Masaru like that was because I was frustrated over not succeeding with making my pokemon shaped chocolate (after trying and failing for 2 times). So it was to vent, but lol it ended up as some eye candy I guess. Only drew it as a close up at first but proceeded to challenge myself to make it full body. I’m really not familiar with drawing full body at that angle, but I tried, and it was to vent so I didn’t wanna make myself frustrated over it tooXD I ate up the failed piece of chocolate in a fit of anger and realized that I forgot I had sore throat. thus the venting continues.

Basically that’s all I have to say, yea. Sorry for the lack of activity. I was high on Soul Eater and cooking and ACNL so well some time was taken away from drawing<w<;;;